I realize it has been a while since my last post but a lot has happened with Hunter Otterhounds.

It took a while to recover from two litters of Otterhounds in one year. Then there was covid. All the people here have dodged that but there have been a bunch of health issues with the dogs. That is to be expected with so many dogs especially older ones.

We still have Hunter’s Lonestar Bonney. She will be 13 in June, which is old for the breed, and is showing her age. She had a couple of intestinal problems and her hips are giving out on her. She has more good days than bad and still likes to walk down to the pond on occasion.

Hunter’s Sunny Cheyenne and Hunter’s Dame Clara from our C litter turned 10 this year. The severe cold of February 2021 was hard on Cheyenne and she developed arthritis. She is now receiving medication for it and is doing better but has slowed down a lot. Clara switches between running with with the younger dogs and racking out in the shade or in the house.

The four D Otterhound girls are now six. Shortly after her litter was weaned Hunter’s Dawn Star developed pyometra and had to be spayed. Since both Hunter’s Dora The Traveler and Hunter’s Diana Evanna of Adeline had also had litters it was decided they would be spayed as well. It was also decided that we would not breed Hunter’s Dallas Diva as she did not like puppies and she was spayed as well.

Sadly Hunter’s Dawn Star started having seizures shortly after sister Diana”s H litter was born. We believe the stress of pyometra and another litter so soon after hers brought it on. She really wanted to mother the H puppies but Diana didn’t want her near them. She is now on medication to control the seizures and is doing well.

Emilee Side
Hunter’s Emilee Jade from our E litter is our only intact female of breeding age. We had thought to breed her last October about the time she turned four but the timing just did not work out. After much thought we decided to breed her this year. Emilee was bred on the twenty first of April. The ultrasound on May 23 confirmed she is expecting a small litter around the middle of June. I will post information on the litter once they are born.

Hunter’s Forest Wanderer went in to have his hips x-rayed on August 8, 2021. He received his hip evaluation by OFA on August 21. The rating was Excellent which is rare for Otterhounds. He also received his CHIC number on August 21. On October 29, 2021 Hunter’s Forest Wanderer was collected and stored for future breeding. His brother Hunter’s Frisco Traveler received his CHIC in April of 2022 with Good hips and fair elbows.

Glory Face
Hunter’s Glory Of The Morning along with the rest of our G litter turned two years old in March. Turning two means the G litter is now old enough to have their hips evaluated by OFA. What with one thing or another we haven’t had a chance to get Hunter’s Glory of The Morning’s hips done.

However Hunter’s Glenn in Otter Space (Rudder) has had his hips and elbows done. He has mild hip dysplasia and normal elbows. He should receive his CHIC number soon. Hunter’s Gary Otterly Bold of Adeline (Papa) has Good hips and normal elbows. He has received his CHIC number. Hunter’s Grady Otterbe Quick has his CHIC with Fair hips and Hunter’s Gem of Perfection (She La) received her CHIC with Fair hips. Others of the litter are awaiting their appointments for their hip x rays.

Our H litter have all settled in their new homes. Since the last update Hunter’s Helena Swings went to her new home in Kentucky. She is enjoying her new home and siblings. Hunter’s Harriett Tritone settled just a few miles away in Greenville where we get to see her and hear about her antics. Hunter’s Happy Rhythm ended staying with us.

Because Hunter’s Happy Rhythm was cryptorchid (only one testicle) it was deemed best that he be neutered as soon as he was old enough. So he was neutered on April 14. It hasn’t slowed him down a bit . It just means one less male to deal with when Hunter’s Glory of The Morning comes in heat again.

Our H Otterhound litter celebrated their first birthday back in September and are now 18 months old. While they have grown a lot they still have a long way to go before being full grown.

Happy Face