Announcing the Hunter H Otterhound Litter of puppies!

On July 28 and 29, 2020 Hunter’s Diana Evanna of Adeline was bred to Avitar’s Timeless Jazz. Diana went in for an ultrasound on August 31 and the vet confirmed that she is pregnant.

H Otterhound Litter

On September 28, 2020 Hunter’s Diana Evanna of Adeline and Avitar’s Timeless Jazz (Yuri) became the parents of eight Otterhound pups.

There are two black and tan males and one liver male, four black and tan females and one liver female.

The Otterhound pups were delivered by C section. While they all weigh less than a pound they are very lively and vocal. Diana is doing well and recovering from the C section.

H Litter Otterhound Puppies 2020

Hunter’s Diana Evanna of Adeline

Hunter’s Diana Evanna of Adeline (Diana)was born on December 14, 2015. She was born liver and white but has turned liver and cream. She weighed around 90 pounds when bred.

She was shown a couple of times and loves meeting people but does not like to travel. She has worked on tracking at home. She loves to hunt and escaped with the others to chase deer but quickly decided she prefers staying home. She has a sweet disposition and is always eager for attention.

She had her hips x rayed on May 10, 2018 and received an OFA rating of Good. She was tested and cleared for Glanzman’s January 22, 2019 and received her CHIC number on January 24, 2019

Hunter's Diana Evanna of Adeline Otterhound


Am Ch Avitar’s Timeless Jazz Can CGN (Yuri)

Am Ch Avitar’s Timeless Jazz Can CGN (Yuri) was born August 21, 2017 during the total solar eclipse that crossed North America that day. For that, he is named after the first cosmonaut in space, Yuri Gagarin. His father, Ch Houndville Admiral Ley CGC (Noah), was imported from Germany. Yuri’s mother is Can Ch Avitar’s Ragtime Jazz Am RN, from Calgary, Canada.

Yuri is a character who believes in doing what he wants, when he wants. Yuri has a wonderful temperament and nothing bothers him – loud noises, people or situations. He has a mind of his own. He is the baby in his pack, consisting of his mother Rags, his grandmother Griffin, and his uncles Brodie and Gio. Yuri loves and wants to visit with anyone and everyone, especially children. He loves to use his voice, especially at meal time, and is an incredibly sweet and affectionate dog.

He had his hips and elbows x rayed in December 2019 and received an OFA rating of Good on his hips and Normal on his elbows. He was tested for Glanzman’s in January 2020 and was found clear. He sired four pups July 2020.

Am Ch Avitar's Timeless Jazz Can CGN (Yuri)

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