Things have been up in the air around here since January.  We planned on breeding Abilene when she came into heat in February. She didn’t so we began a waiting game.

In March we went to the Fort Worth Kennel Club show.  Abilene won Best of Opposite Sex both days, Bonney won Select Bitch both days and Barclay won Select Dog both days.

We continued to wait for Abilene to come into heat. All March we waited and finally on April 1 she played an April Fools joke on us. She skipped all the preliminaries and was in full blown heat.  We monitored her very closely and when everything was just right we had her bred.  She was bred again in three days. Everything was perfect according to the various reproductive specialists.

Then we began waiting with fingers crossed.

In May we went to the Denton Kennel Club show.  It was a good distraction while waiting.  Barclay won Best of Breed on Saturday and Bonney won Best of Opposite.  Then on Sunday Bonney won Best of Breed and Barclay Best of Opposite.  Quick got Select Bitch both days.

The next day at 30 days we took Abilene in for a sonogram.  There were no puppies again.  We had a test done and it showed that her hormones were in the correct range and she had definitely ovulated.  We are trying to determine why the breeding didn’t take.

We are all disappointed that we aren’t going to have puppies this Spring.

We are now planning a breeding in the fall. As yet we haven’t decided if we will try again with Abilene or breed Quick.  Hopefully we will have a successful breeding at that time.

Nicky and Pris Waiting April 2011

Nicky and Pris Waiting