Things have been rather slow around here since the show in November. The girls have been enjoying the generally warm weather but warm or cold they still get in the pond. They love getting wet in the pond but didn’t like getting baths for a trip to Houston.

On February 6 we took the girls down to Houston to have a second round of x rays done for Quick and Abilene. We sent them off to OFA and hoped for the best. Yesterday we got the results. As the Otterhound news letter the Voice says: Hip Hip Hooray! Both Quick and Abilene’s results came back GOOD. Quick has the OFA Otterhound number 142 and Abilene number 143.

While this is exciting to us the girls are totally unimpressed. They find the cat that moved into the barn and a visit from Abbott and Houston far more interesting.

Cat watching from left: Abbot, Pris, Quick, Abilene, Nicky and Star

The Pack watching the cat