May was Pris’ month to win. We went to the Denton show May 10 and 11.

Due to a shortage of handlers, only three of the girls were entered each day. On Saturday, May 10, Pris, Nicky and Star, our long-term visitor, were entered. Nicky was unable to show, so it was between Pris and Star. Star is still nervous at shows but went around well, so it wasn’t a shoe-in for Pris.

Pris got best of breed and a point, giving her 15 but she still needs a major to finish her championship. On Sunday, May 11, Pris, Quick and Star were entered. Pris took winner’s bitch and went up against Quick in best of breed. As I said it was Pris’ month. She beat Quick and took best of breed giving her two more points for a total of 17. Hopefully Pris will win against four girls soon and get her three point major and championship.

Pris Almost a Champion