Quick Otterhound

Ch. Kingstree Quick

Reg. name:  Ch. Kingstree Quick

Breeder:       J. Ashworth

Sire:             Galaxy van de Kweb

Dam:           UK Ch. Kingstree Nutmeg

Whelped:    September 16, 2005

Died:           January 24, 2015

Country:      UK (imported to US)      Sex:                 B

Color:           Black and tan                 Points:            19

Quick Otterhound Walk May 2006


About Quick

We had been looking at importing a bitch from England and even though we now had two female Otterhounds we continued to look into this. By January of 2006 we were co owners of a well traveled little girl from England. Ouick is black and tan with traces of white on her face, chest and toes. She is just as her name implies – quick.

She loves to run and it doesn’t matter if its on land or in the water. She is more laid back about things and tends to take a oh well attitude if someone else takes her bed or chew. She is fascinated by puppies and wanted to take care of the puppies we had whelped here at our house.

Quick generally does well in the show ring but went through a spell where noises spooked her. She also likes to run with her head down looking for dropped treats. Like all the girls she was limited by not having enough Otterhounds to compete against. In spite of that she got her Championship on March 22, 2008.

Quick was checked for Glanzman’s Thrombasthenia and x rayed for dysplasia when she was two. She came back clear of Glanzman’s. We had new x rays taken Feb. 6, 2009 and the results came back GOOD. Quick now has OFA otterhound number 142. In March of 2009 Quick received her CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) number.

On June 24, 2009 Quick had her first litter sired by Ch. Lonestar Abbott.  There were eleven puppies in the litter but two died.  Of the remaining nine, three were girls and six were boys. All but one male are black and tan like Quick.

Quick’s second litter was born March 6, 2012 on sire Ch. Sonsie’s Laird Moseley’s birthday. There were three black and tans – two male one female, three brown and tan – two male one female and three liver and tan – one male and two females.
On January 24, 2015 Quick went to sleep for the last time.

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