Ch. Aberdeen’s Perfectly Normal

Reg. name:   Ch. Aberdeen’s Perfectly Normal

Breeder:        A. & J. McIlwaine

Sire:               Ch. Aberdeen’s Lost In Space

Dam:             Ch. Ramsgrove Hot Toddy

Whelped:      August 29,2005

Country:       US                                   Sex:             B

Color:            Black & tan                   Points:        25

Pris Central Texas Dog Show Nov 2008


About Pris

We had been looking at importing a bitch from England but as luck would have it we got a chance to own another girl out of Aberdeen’s Lost In Space. Since we were pleased with how Nicky turned out we gladly welcomed this new girl into our lives. She quickly proved herself a prissy little girl so was given the call name Pris.

Like Nicky, Pris can move around the ring like she owns it – if she is in the mood. Unlike Nicky Pris is not as outgoing and more often than not she doesn’t want to show. She is perfectly happy to have someone else take the spotlight. That didn’t keep her from getting her Championship on November 23, 2008.

Pris is grizzled black and tan with a black nose. She has black around her eyes which makes them stand out in her tan face. She is very possessive about her things – her bed, her chews, her boola, etc.

Pris was checked for Glanzman’ s Thrombasthenia and x rayed for dysplasia when she was two. She came back clear of Glanzman’ s but unfortunately her hips were so bad the vet said it wasn’ t worth while to send in her x rays. Though she is still showing she will not be bred.

Pris went to sleep for the last time March 8, 2014

Pris Pedigree available on the Otterhound Club of America site

Pictures of Pris