See How Otterhound Puppies Grow

Here are pictures of a litter born at our home showing Otterhound Puppies in several stages of growth.


See How the Grow  Newborn Otterhounds

1 Day Old

Otterhound puppies like all pups are born with their eyes closed. They also are born with stubby noses and little flaps for ears. The average weight of our pups has been about .9 pounds at birth.

See How the Grow  18 days Abilene, Abbott, Angus

18 Days Old

By eighteen days their eyes are open, their noses have started getting longer and their ears begin to look more hound like. The Otterhound puppies are walking and playing between bouts of sleeping and eating.

See How the Grow  34 Days, Abilene, Abbott, Angus

34 Days Old

The Otterhound puppies’  noses have lengthened as have their ears. They are very lively and eager to get out and explore.

See How the Grow  2 months, Abilene, Abbott, Angus

2 Months

Otterhound puppies have no fear of the water.

See How the Grow  3 months, Abilene, Abbott, Angus

3 Months

They have just about out grown their whelping box. The bottom slat which kept them in at first has had three more added along with a spacer.

See How the Grow  4 months, Abilene, Abbott,

4 Months

They have the run of the house having been house broken. The Otterhound Puppies still need a lot of sleep after playing hard.

See How the Grow  6 months, Abilene,

6 Months Old

Abilene is ready for her first show.

See How the Grow 9 months, Abilene, Abbott,

9 Months Old

Abilene and brother Abbott are attending their third show.

Abilene Champion Otterhound

1 Year Old

Abilene received her first Major.