D Litter 2015 Otterhound

Hunter’s Sunny Cheyenne was bred to Adeline’s Silas of Lake Oconee on October 14, 2015. On December 14, 2015 Cheyenne went to the vet where nine puppies were delivered by C section.

If you are interested in a puppy please fill out our puppy questionnaire. We would love to see our Otterhound puppies shown or in competition, however the biggest consideration is what’s best for the puppy. Everyone interested will be given due consideration. However, not everyone will get a puppy as there are more requests than puppies.

Meet The 2015 Otterhound Parents


Hunter’s Sunny Cheyenne

Clara (2)

Hunter’s Sunny Cheyenne

Cheyenne has been shown and earned one major and a few more points. She has beentested for Glanzman’s Thrombasthenia and is clear. She was x rayed in July of 2014. The OFA rated her hips moderate. She has her CHIC number and her AKC DNA number

Adeline’s Silas of Lake Oconee

Adeline’s Silas of Lake Oconee

Silas is a very light black and tan who has his coat has been clipped in the summers making it look more tan. He has never been shown but has show qualities. He is very manageable both on and off leash. He has a good disposition – brave but not aggressive. He has a great head and ears, a deep chest, good tail set and carriage. He is Glanzman’s clear by parentage. His hips are OFA Good.

Proudly announce the arrival of the Hunter D Litter Born on December 14, 2015

So the big news is Hunter’s Sunny Cheyenne and Adeline’s Silas of Oconee’s announcement of the Hunter D Litter born December 14, 2015. The final count is five boys and four girls. Mom and pups are doing well.

d litter pups

Updates on the C Litter Otterhound Puppies

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