Congratulations to Barclay and Viola

On March 28, 2014 Ch Hunter’s Lonestar Barclay and Riverrun Meant To Be (Viola) became the proud parents of seven Otterhound puppies.

There were two girls and five boys. They were all healthy and good size with hardy appetites. The Otterhound dogs have all gone to their new homes.

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History Barclay Otterhound Dog

Goodbye Nicky

On May 29, 2014 Nicky our Otterhound Dog collapsed and could not get up. We took her to the vet and learned she was running a high fever. The vet got the fever down and treated her for a urinary infection which quickly cleared up. However the fever was back the next day. The vet got it back down but couldn’t find a cause for it.

He tested for Leptospirosis and that came back negative. The fever just kept spiking and Nicky was not getting better.

The best conclusion the vet could figure out was that Nicky had a problem with her brain. Either she had a tumor or meningitis. By this point the Nicky we loved was no longer there. We sat with her and said our good byes and Ch Aberdeen’s Neato Cool went to sleep for the last time June 3, 2014. We will greatly miss her.

Otterhound Dogs at the Lone Star State Classic

We will be taking Cheyenne and Clara to get their hips done sometime this month. On July 5 and 6 we will be taking Cheyenne, Clara, Quick and Bonney to the Lone Star State Classic. Hopefully they will do well.

Ch. Aberdeen’s Neato Cool (Nicky)

November 4, 2003 – June 3, 2014

Nicky Otterhound dogs