After the escape in November, the girls have been behaving themselves – mostly.

We have been working with them on tracking in an enclosed pasture. They are not allowed to run in the pasture as there are some weak areas in the fence. That didn’t stop them from wanting to get in there and run. Clara (our escape artist) managed to push through the gate and took off. We called and tried to catch her but there was no stopping her. She raced to the far end of the pasture where she found four deer hiding in some cedars. She flushed them and chased them until they jumped the fence. Once the deer was gone Clara came back to the gate.

Since our breeding with Dawn didn’t take when Dallas and Diana came in heat in January we bred Dallas. We waited with crossed fingers until the ultrasound the first week of February. The ultrasound indicated that Dallas was not pregnant. Hopes were dashed again.

However Dora came in heat the next week so plans were made to breed her to Magicwood Kalevala Pilkkia (Lincoln). On February 21 and 23 Dora was bred. On March 20th she went in for ultrasound and the veterinarian confirmed that Dora was pregnant. If all goes well she should whelp between April 19 and 23.