Spring has sprung and it is almost time for our next dog show.  We have three of our Otterhounds entered in the Fort Worth Kennel Club dog show on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. 

We will be showing at 11:35 on the 26th and at 12:45 on the 27th.  On Saturday we will participate in Meet the Breed. This is a program designed to give people the opportunity to interact and ask questions about various breeds of dogs.  While we generally conduct our own meet the breed at every show this is a more formal setting. At all shows we welcome people coming up and talking to the hounds and asking questions but are limited in time due to showing. At noon on Saturday we will set up with information, handouts and six Otterhounds for people to see, pet and get to know. We will have more time to talk to people about Otterhounds and people will have a better chance to interact with the hounds.

Our Otterhounds Waco Dog Show 2007