The pups are nine weeks old now and went in for their second round of shots. They also were micro chipped, started on heart worm protection and flea preventive.

They really prefer being outside and want to sleep out but are still too young.

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Pup 1

Hunter’s Midnight Comet

1 Face Comet
Pup one is now 17.2 pounds. He is now heavier than the girls. He was stung by something on May 3rd and had to go to the vet but he has quickly recovered and is back to normal.

Pup 2

Hunter’s Harvey Corrigan

2 Face Corrigan C Litter Otterhound

Pup two is now 18.5 pounds. He really loves attention and can be demanding if ignored. He generally has a sad expression that belies his true feelings.

Pup 3

Hunter’s Dynamic Celina

3 Face Celina

Celina is 16.7 pounds. She is now the largest girl. When she wants attention she can be persistent until she gets it. She has a very expressive face.

Pup 4

Hunter’s Laird Chilton

4 Face Chilton

Pup four is now 19.4 pounds. He loves to follow his nose. He put on a brave front when getting his shots then suddenly panicked when the vet checked his tummy. He had to be cuddled to calm down or maybe that was his intent.

Pup 5

Hunter’s Laird Clint

5 Face Clint

Pup five is now 19.0 pounds. He can be very laid back. He seems to be a happy fellow and enjoys attention. He still likes the tank more than the others.

Pup 6

Hunter’s Merry Celeste

6 Celeste Face

Celeste is 16.7 pounds. She is the second largest. Her ears are finally starting to develop and are almost to her nose. She really knows how to butter you up to get attention.

Pup 7 Hunter’s

Taking Moonlight Chances

7 Chance Face

Pup seven is the largest at 22 pounds. Because he is so big it is hard to hold him and he makes it harder by squirming. When you do hold him he is quick with the kisses.

Pup 8

Hunter’s Sunny Cheyenne

8 Cheyenne Face
Cheyenne is now 16.5 pounds. She eats as much as the others but looks very thin. The vet says she is fine. I think she just runs it off. She is either full on or full off.

Pup 9

Hunter’s Dame Clara

9 Clara face

Clara is still the smallest at 13.8 pounds but that doesn’t stop her from getting into trouble. She climbs out of the whelping box at night to potty. Then she roams around the house with big sis Blessing following.