The pups are eight weeks old now. They were allowed out in the main yard for the first time.  They had a ball and managed to cover most of the 3/4 acre at a dead run.

They got their first swimming this weekend.  We have a shallow 50 gallon tank that we filled half full and put the pups in.  The water only came to their tummies. After the first shock they took a drink and then climbed out.

They also had their first experience on a leash walking and coming.  They are getting better about not wetting their bed but accidents still happen.  When one has to go they all do and we can’t get all nine out before someone has a mishap.

Pup 1

Hunter’s Midnight Comet

1 Peek Through Comet
Pup one has shot up to 14.3 pounds. He gained more than anyone else. Here is peeking through the leaves on a low limb. He wasn’t satisfied with peeking and quickly attacked he leaves hanging in his face.

Pup 2

Hunter’s Harvey Corrigan

2 Sitting Corrigan

Pup two is now 16.2 pounds. He can be a real go getter and the next he is a cuddle bunny. He generally has a very serious look that belies his true nature. He lets us know when he wants out.

Pup 3

Hunter’s Dynamic Celina

3 Get Sock Celina

Celina is 13.8 pounds. She really enjoyed being in the main yard and tore around from one end to the other. She puts up a good show that she doesn’t want to be held but settles down for a few minutes before taking off. Here she is trying to pull down the sock hanging from their rest box

Pup 4

Hunter’s Laird Chilton

4 Leaves Chilton

Pup four is now 15.8 pounds. He is the inquisitive one. He has to check everything out. Here he has a bunch of leaves that blew by. He found a bunch of moss that blew off the tree and carried it around. He was a bit willful on leash..

Pup 5

Hunter’s Laird Clint

5 Swimming Clint

Pup five is now 16.1 pounds. He is right at home in the water. He climbed right out when we first put him in but later he came back and climbed in himself. He has had two baths and seemed to like them.

Pup 6

Hunter’s Merry Celeste

6 Celeste wide awake

Celeste is now 13.8 pounds. She is a real heart stealer. She can be so sweet then tear into her siblings. She did real well on leash. I think she just wanted to do what I wanted.

Pup 7 Hunter’s

Taking Moonlight Chances

7 Chance See you

Pup seven is still the biggest. He is now 17.5 pounds. He can be a charmer but only when he wants. Other times he is rough housing with his siblings. Here he seems to have an attitude.

Pup 8

Hunter’s Sunny Cheyenne

8 Cheyenne breathers
Cheyenne is now 14.5 pounds. She really enjoyed the main yard. She raced around until she wore herself out. Here she is taking a breather before starting again. She likes drinking out of running water and didn’t mind the tank too much.

Pup 9

Hunter’s Dame Clara

9 Clara see you

Clara while she doesn’t look it is still the smallest by two pounds as she weighs only 11.8. She holds her own with her siblings in spite of looking so sweet. She has lovely long ears and a very alert face. She will only let you hold her for a minute before she wants down.