On May 4 the Hunter G litter Otterhound Puppies turned 9 Weeks Old. They spend most of their time outside now that the weather is warm and pretty. The Otterhound Puppies still eat, play and nap but the play times are getting longer. We moved them to the back puppy pen to give them more area to explore without bothering the older dogs and so we could mow their pen.

The Hunter Hound Otterhound Puppies love exploring the different pen but were quick to discover a way out. At least for the smaller pups.

Otterhound Puppies 9 Weeks Old

Pup 1 Male

Hunter’s Graham Evening Star

Pup one Graham decided he wanted out of the puppy pen so tried to chew the rope holding the gate shut. Since he couldn’t chew it off he tried to force his way out. Graham loves running around in the main yard. This puppy has the most distinct tan markings and a very dark coat. On May 4 Graham weighed 14.6 pounds.

Pup 2 Female

Hunter’s Glory Of The Morning

Pup two Glory had an upset stomach over the weekend and got to lay around with Allen She was fed separate from the others and really enjoyed not having to compete for food. Glory was feeling much better on the fourth and was back playing with the others. On May 4 Glory weighed 12.5 pounds.

Pup 3 Female

Hunter’s Gem Of Perfection

Pup three Gem noticed the gap beneath the gate to the back puppy pen and squeezed out underneath. Allen found her running around the main yard and put her back but we caught her squeezing out again a little later. Gem now has a new home so is no longer available. On May 4 Gem weighed 13.9 pounds.

Pup 4 Male

Hunter’s Glen In Otter Space

Pup four Glen is now without a collar as someone pulled it off and chewed it up. He is the largest with a long lean look. Glen can be so soulful but he is happy to meet you and ready to play. Glenn weighed 17.6 pounds on May 4.

Pup 5 Male

Hunter’s Grady Otterbe Quick

Pup five Grady looks like a younger pup some times while at others he appears more mature. He has a sweet personality but isn’t afraid to mix it up. Grady is no longer available. On May 4 Grady weighed 16.1 pounds.

Pup 6 Male

Hunter’s Gerald Blackjack for Nancy

Pup six Gerald tends to be a loner as such, he is often the last one to come over when it is time to go out or come in. It could be a play for attention as it means he gets more encouragement to come. Gerald is no longer available. On May 4 Gerald weighed 17.3 pounds making him the second largest.

Pup 7 Female

Hunter’s Georgia On My Mind

Pup seven Georgia discovered that the big dogs had dug under the fence between the main yard and the pond area. It didn’t take her a minute to slip through the hole and take off after the big dogs. We had to give chase to get her back and once in she headed right back for the hole. On May 4 Georgia weighed 15.5 pounds.

Pup 8 Male

Hunter’s Gary Otterly Bold

Pup eight Gary continues to be the most striking of the pups and attracted a lot of attention from prospective owners. With so many interested it was a hard decision but Gary is no longer available. On May 4 Gary weighed 16.8 pounds.

Pup 9 Male

Hunter’s Gordon Whitefoot

Pup nine Gordon likes his older cousin and tries to follow him around. He has to check everything out. Gordon wades right into both the food and water dishes. He loves attention. On May 4 Gordon weighed 16.7 pounds.