Things have be interesting with the Hunter Hounds Otterhounds since the last update.

G Litter Hunter Hounds Otterhounds

All the G litter except Glory have settled into their new homes.

  • Hunter’s Graham Evening Star: Graham is now known as Walter and is living in California.
  • Hunter’s Glory Of The Morning: Glory convinced us she should stay with us.
  • Hunter’s Gem Of Perfection: Gem is now She La and is living in Wisconsin.
  • Hunter’s Glenn In Otter Space: Glen who is now Rudder moved to south Texas.
  • Hunter’s Grady Otterbe Quick: Grady is still called Grady and went to live with his cousin Frisco in Arkansas.
  • Hunter’s Gerald Blackjack for Nancy: Gerald went to Nebraska where he is called Bentley.
  • Hunter’s Georgia On My Mind: Georgia went to Michigan and is now called Fennley.
  • Hunter’s Gary Otterly Bold: Gary who is now known as PaPa is now in Ohio.
  • Hunter’s Gordon Whitefoot: Gordon is now in west Texas.

While Glory has remained to fill our lives with promise, we at Hunter Hounds Otterhounds were saddened to say good by to Ch. Lonestar Abilene. On May 25, 2020 just over a month shy of her fourteenth birthday on July 3 Abilene passed over the rainbow bridge.

About Abilene

Abilene was the first of the Lonestar litter born and the last to leave. She was a little brown bandit who used her speed to over whelm her larger brothers. She loved to travel, to show and to meet people. She began showing at six months and quickly earned her championship in the show ring. She made friendships where ever she went.

She longed to have puppies but when that wasn’t possible she adopted two special little girls from the Hunter B litter. When she had minor surgery due to a skin injury on her back she proudly wore a tee shirt to keep the injury clean. She loved rolling in the snow and swimming in the pond. When she began having problems with arthritis she would swim along the edge of the pond just far enough out to take the weight off her feet.

She watched others of her generation pass at much younger ages from various problems. She watched the birth and growth of six litters of Hunter Otterhounds and watched them head out to their new homes.

While her spirit was willing to carry on her body succumbed to arthritis and old age. On May the 24 she reached the point where she could no longer get up on her own and her rear legs no longer functioned. We held her as she went to sleep for the last time at 10:45 AM Monday May 25, 2020.

We will miss her but know she is over the rainbow bridge healthy and strong running with all those that went before her.

While we there has been sadness there will also be joy.

Abilene in a shirt March 20, 2008

H Litter is coming!!

On July 28 and 29, 2020 Hunter’s Diana Evanna of Adeline was bred to Avitar’s Timeless Jazz. Diana went in for an ultrasound on August 31 and the vet confirmed that she is pregnant. He was not sure of the number but said there were “lots”. If all goes well we will welcome the H litter in late September.

Hunter Hounds Diana

Hunter’s Diana Evanna of Adeline

Avitar’s Timeless Jazz