On April 13 the Hunter G litter Otterhounds turned six weeks old. They are no longer nursing except when Dawn sneaks in during the night.

While they are being fed the recommended amount they always act like they are starving. They are fed outside as much as possible to cut down on the mess. As soon as the G litter Otterhounds are outside they start hollering for their food. Once the pans are on the ground it is a race to get as much as possible. It reminds me of the movie “Gone In 60 Seconds”

Hunter G Litter Otterhounds are Active

They are getting better about going out to potty but still wet the wee wee papers and the bed. They had been going in an 8 by 8 foot pen out front. Once the puppies were all out we would let them run around in the yard.

That came to a halt this week.

They have gotten too fast and too brave. They were running all over the place. When we went after one two or three would follow and we would have to round them all up. Because of this they moved into the regular puppy pen out back. This is a 30 by 40 foot pen with a large dog house. They eat there and stay for a while before coming in to sleep. They really like the big pen and would stay out more if it didn’t keep getting cold.
Hunter G Litter Otterhounds 6 Weeks

Hunter G Litter Otterhounds Puppies

Pup 1 Male

Hunter’s Graham Evening Star

1 Male G Litter Otterhound 6 Weeks
Pup one Graham went from wearing a red collar to wearing a yellow one because someone kept pulling the red one off. He likes attention and will snuggle one on one. On April 13 Graham weighed 8.0 pounds.

Pup 2 Female

Hunter’s Glory Of The Morning

G Litter Otterhound Pup 2 Female
Pup two Glory looks larger than she actually is because her puppy coat is longer and tends to stand out from her head and body. She seems to be the dominate female. On April 13 Glory weighed 7.7 pounds.

Pup 3 Female

Hunter’s Gem Of Perfection

3 Female G Litter Otterhound 6 weeks
Pup three Gem has a sweet disposition most of the time but doesn’t let that stop her from putting her siblings in place. She tends to let the other girls take the lead. On April 13 Gem weighed 7.2 pounds.

Pup 4 Male

Hunter’s Glen In Otter Space

 G Litter Otterhound Pup 4 Male 6 Weeks
Pup four Glen doesn’t look it but is still the largest. He acts very independent but loves to snuggle especially when cold. He enjoyed laying on Allen’s chest and quickly fell asleep. On April 13 Glen weighed 9.5 pounds.

Pup 5 Male

Hunter’s Grady Otterbe Quick

5 Male 6 Week Otterhound G Litter
Pup five Grady discovered the squeeky dumbell and carried it around for a while. He really likes attention and loves cuddling especially when he gets cold from being outside. On April 13 Grady weighed 8.3 pounds.

Pup 6 Male

Hunter’s Gerald Blackjack for Nancy

Hunter 6 Male Otterhound Pup 6 weeks
Pup six Gerald still has a young puppy face but in profile he is starting to develop nicely. He continues to be the darkest male. He has a sweet disposition until the others start something. On April 13 Gerald weighed 8.2 pounds.

Pup 7 Female

Hunter’s Georgia On My Mind

 7 Female Otterhound Puppy 6 weeks
Pup seven Georgia’s white markings really stand out when in the sun. She enjoys running around outside and is generally the last to want in. She is more independent. On April 13 Georga weighed 8.5 pounds.

Pup 8 Male

Hunter’s Gary Otterly Bold

8 Male Hunter Otterhounds 6 weeks
Pup eight Gary always looks unkemp due to the longer wiry fur on his face. It also gives him a more mature look especially when combined with his serious expressions. On April 13 Gary weighed 8.4 pounds.

Pup 9 Male

Hunter’s Gordon Whitefoot

9 Male Otterhound Puppy G Litter
Pup nine Gordon is the most vocal. He still has a sleek coat and his blaze comes and goes. He likes being outside until he gets cold but he just wants to warm up not come in. On April 13 Gordon weighed 8.1 pounds.