Quick’s puppies are now nine months old and Barclay and Bonney attended their first show in Fort Worth.

Due to a shortage of handlers Barclay and Bonney were entered in puppy class, Pris and Quick in Open and Abilene in Best of Breed.

Since the puppies were the only ones in their class they won. Bonney went up against Pris on Saturday and Quick on Sunday and won both days. That gave her two points each day. Barclay and Bonney went to Best of Breed against Abilene and another finished bitch.

Both days Barclay got Best of Winners which gave him two points each day as well.

In the picture the Otterhounds are walking into the show. From the left they are Pris, Quick, Abilene, Bonney, Barclay and Nicky. 

otterhounds at Fort Worth Dog Show