On May 1 the Hunter F litter was one week old. They are eating good, and their mother is very attentive. And these feisty Otterhound Puppies are already growing and trying to walk already! We’re so happy with these pups and that this rare breed now has three more puppies.

F Litter Otterhounds


Hunter’s Frisco Traveler

Pup one is a black and tan male with white markings on his chest, nose, and forehead. He also has white on his feet and the tip of his tail. He weighed 2 pounds at birth. His name is Hunter’s Frisco Traveler.


Hunter’s Forest Wanderer

Pup two is a brown and black male with a touch of white on his forehead, chin, chest, and toes. He has a black mask that covers most of his face. He weighed 1.8 pounds at birth. His name is Hunter’s Forest Wanderer.


Hunter’s Fate of Magicwood

Pup three is a black and tan female with white on her chest, nose, and forehead. Like her brother she has white on her feet and the tip of her tail. She weighed 1.27 pounds at birth. Her name is Hunter’s Fate of Magicwood.

Click the link if you want to see more of F Litter Otterhound Puppies as they grow into this Rare Breed, Otterhounds.