The Otterhound girls are becoming more and more active. They are up on their feet and moving around the puppy box but still very wobbly. Their eyes are open and they can see vague shapes. They are starting to hear loud noises.

They get really excited when mom comes in the puppy box and crowd around her feet. Cheyenne has a hard time laying down for them to nurse. When mom left before they were so full they fell asleep, they discovered the opening mom uses. They tried to climb out to follow mom. Needless to say a second slat was added to the door so they would stay in the puppy box. They still spend most of their time sleeping and/or nursing.

E Litter 3 Weeks

Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight

Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight weighed 2.6 pounds. While the tan on her face is more pronounced the white spots are becoming smaller. She climbed out of the basket while their bed was being changed.

Ebony 3 Week Face

Ebony 3 Week Climb


Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose

Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose weighed 2.6 pounds. She seems to be the most outgoing of the four. When they discovered the entrance she made it half way over the entry slat before tumbling back inside.

Electra 3 Week Face

Electra 3 Week Climb



Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade

Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade weighed 2.6 pounds. She was the first to open her eyes. Her tan markings are lighter in color but becoming more visible. She tends to make more noise than the others.

Emilee 3 Week Face

Emilee 3 Week Sleep



Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow


Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow weighed 2.5 pounds. She was the last to open her eyes and still seems to prefer keeping them shut. She is now the smallest but not by much.

Elsa 3 Week Face

Elsa 3 Week Walk