The Otterhound girls went in for their second round of shots and had their microchips implanted. They enjoyed interacting with the staff but didn’t care for the shots.

They are still spending most of the days outside in the puppy pen with periods of freedom to run around the main yard. The Otterhound Girls race around checking everything out. They have learned to drink out of the big dogs water buckets and try to drink out of the wading tank. They have gotten big enough to stand on the top of the small exercise pen and tend to move it around the living room. They are cutting their back teeth and chew on everything.

Not all of the girls are reserved, if you are looking for an Otterhound, please submit a Questionnaire. 

E Litter Otterhound Girls are 10 Weeks Old

E Litter Otterhoung Girls 10 weeks

Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight


Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight is 20.1 pounds. Ebony still loves attention but she also loves to hunt. She has no problem going off on her own and checks out everything she encounters.

She was the first to discover the big dogs water buckets. She loves interacting with the big dogs and racing around the yard. She gets right in there when they start playing with a bula.

Ebony Otterhound 10 weeks Face

Ebony Otterhound 10 weeks Face


Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose

Spoken For

Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose is 21.4 pounds. Electra’s blaze is sometimes very pronounced and sometimes almost invisible. She still switches from loving to fighting to get down but is becoming more loving.

Electra is quick to get involved whenever there is play with toys or wrestling. She got to meet her new owners this week but she will stay here until after her third round of shots.

Electra Otterhound 10 weeks Face

Electra Otterhound 10 weeks



Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade


Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade is 19.7 pounds. Emilee is the most serious of the four and also the most independent. She is happy following her nose or playing by herself but she also gets into many of the wrestling matches.

When she is ready for attention she runs up and looks up at you with such a serious face begging you to pick her up something all of them are fast getting too heavy for.

Emilee Otterhound 10 weeks Face

Emilee Otterhound 10 weeks



Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow

Spoken For

Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow is 20.8 pounds. Elsa is pretty much into everything. She loves bulas and thinks it great fun to run with one but that often results in tripping on it. She likes to be chased and will start wrestling matches.

She had her first real bath this week and was very good. She actually seemed to enjoy it. She likes to be held but quickly wants down to see what the others are doing.

Elsa Otterhound 10 weeks Face

Elsa Otterhound 10 weeks