The girls went in for their first shots and a check up this week. The vet said they are all doing well.

They love being outside but still get cold if it isn’t warm. They go out first thing in the mornings to potty but are crying to come back in as soon as they take care of business. Once it warms up they want to stay out and play. They still chase after Cheyenne when they can.

They discovered the puppy treat ball and have a great time gobbling up the treats as it rolls across the floor. When they stand on the 24 inch exercise pen they can just reach the top. They got to go into the 30 by 40 foot puppy pen for the first time and really enjoyed the freedom.

Not all of the girls are reserved, if you are looking for an Otterhound, please submit a Questionnaire. 

E Litter Otterhound 7 Weeks Old

7 Week Old Otterhounds E Litter

Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight

Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight is 11.5 pounds. While she started out the darkest she has developed some grizzling on her back.

She really likes the treat ball. While in the big puppy pen she discovered a hole leading under the dog house and promptly crawled under the house. Once she got turned around and could get out she thought it was great fun.

7 Week Old Otterhounds Ebony

7 Week Old Otterhounds Ebony


Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose

Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose is 11.5 pounds. Some times her blaze is very pronounced and some times it is hard to see.

She loves being outside and exploring. She likes to hide behind the bushes and talk to her big sisters through the fence. She was the first to climb into the dog house and quickly followed Ebony under it. She like attention but not to be held.

Electra 7 Week Old Otterhound Puppy

Electra 7 Week Old Otterhounds



Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade

Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade is 10.7 pounds. Emilee is still the smallest. Now she is also the darkest as most of the white on her chest and toes has disappeared.

She is the closest to being house broken. While she cries to be taken outside she isn’t shy about crying just to get picked up. She loves following her nose so chasing after the treat ball is great fun.

Emilee 7 Week Otterhound Puppy

Emilee 7 Week Otterhound Puppy



Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow

Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow is 11.8 pounds. Elsa’s white is getting lost in the light tan areas while the tan on her face is over laid with black.

She likes chewing on things, probably because she is teething. She doesn’t care if it is one of their stuffed toys, a stick or the vinyl tablecloth to keep them off the cold floor. She had a great time in the big puppy pen racing through the dog house.

Elsa 7 Week Otterhound Puppy

Elsa 7 Week Otterhound Puppy