Things have been hectic here the past couple of months.

We went to a show in May and Barclay received his first Best of Breed May 15, 2010. He went to group and behaved as if he had done it a hundred times. He now has 8 points toward his championship.Bonney took winners bitch on May 16 and gained two more points to give her a total of six.

The dogs missed the shows we planned to attend in June and July due to a death in the family.

Badger and Bexar came for a visit and were here for the puppies first birthday.

Since the weather has been so hot and dry the dogs’ favorite pass time is swimming in the pond. They especially like to do what we call gatoring. They wade out up to their necks and walk along the edge of the pond with nothing but their heads and backs showing like an alligator. As you can see Quick is enjoying gatoring among the pond weeds.

Quick Gator June 2010