The pups turned seven weeks on February the first. Now is the time we begin looking for that perfect home for each of the pups. They have grown so much and are beginning to develop personalities. All too soon they will be ready to go to their new homes.

We had a nice warm spell and they got to go outside in the puppy pen (a 30 by 40 foot area) for the first time. They had a ball running around and exploring. They found it easier to go under the big dog house rather than in it. They also found it nicer to go out to potty so have begun to announce that they have to go. After time in the yard the back porch seems confining and they want to go out even when it is too cold.

D Litter are 7 Week Old Otterhound Puppies

Pup 1

Hunter’s Dallas Diva

7 weeks, D Litter, Pup 1 Dallas

Dallas loved being outdoors. She spent her time checking out everything. She doesn’t have a problem being alone but holds her own in the group. She can be very loving but also can be demanding just like a diva. She will let you know when she needs outside. She was 10.6 pounds.

Pup 2

Hunter’s Darco Winn

7 weeks, D Litter, Pup 2, Darco
Darco likes to do things his way. He moves with determination even if he isn’t sure where he is going. While he can be affectionate he prefers to play the tough guy. He has been slower to ask to go out but takes care of business when he is taken out. He was 11.4.

Pup 3

Dora the Traveler.

7 weeks, D Litter, Pup 3, Dora

Dora found the puppy pen very much to her liking. She had lots of room to roam and really stretch her legs. She quickly found that she could get under the dog house. She can be something of a handful as she is developing a very strong personality. She was 10.9 pounds.

Pup 4

Hunter’s Diana Evanna

7 weeks, D Litter, Pup 4, Diana

Diana loved racing around the puppy pen. She had to check everything out. She went both under and in the dog house. She can be independent but likes being with the others. She is not as dominate as the other females but holds her own in an argument. She was the smallest female at 10.5 pounds.

Pup 5

Hunter’s Douglas Beorn

7 weeks, D Litter, Pup 5, Douglas

Douglas seemed to put his nose to the ground once in the puppy pen and didn’t look up until he had explored everything. He loved going under the dog house and was in an out a dozen times. He can be quite dominate at times while passive at others. He was still the biggest at 12.2 pounds.

Pup 6

Hunter’s Doyle Crispin

7 weeks, D Litter, Pup 6, Doyle

Doyle has really begun to develop both in size and personality. Though still the smallest he can be as tough as any of the others. He is very affectionate and likes being held up to a point. He has no problem wandering off by himself and is quick to look around at strange noises. He was 8.8 pounds.

Pup 7

Hunter’s Dawn Star

7 weeks, D Litter, Pup 7, Dawn

Dawn is the most dominate of the females as well as the largest. She always seems to have a quizzical expression. While the white spot on her neck is getting smaller the blaze on her nose still stands out. She is quick to get into things and will take any chance to get out. She was 10.9 pounds.

Pup 8

Hunter’s Dillon Peyton

D Litter, 6 weeks, Pup 8, Dillon
Dillon is a study in contrasts. He can be vocal and demanding attention at times. At other times he is quarrelsome and in the middle of things and at others quiet and a loner. He has the rich dark liver coat like his mother. He also has all the qualities for showing except for the hook in his tail. He was 10.5 pounds.

Pup 9

Hunter’s Damon Aleron

D Litter, 6 weeks, Pup 9, Damon

Damon is still pretty much a loner. While he gets right in the middle of things, most often when everyone settles down he picks a spot by himself. He likes attention but is perfectly happy to be by himself. His coat is getting thicker and he doesn’t get as cold. He was 10.7 pounds.