On January 11 the D litter Otterhound Puppies turned 4 weeks old . A lot happened in four weeks.

They switched from nursing to eating “solid” food, otherwise known as puppy mush. They went from once a day feedings to four times a day. The first meal was in their box but they quickly moved from there to a pen that was easier to clean.

They have begun to play for short periods and have discovered toys, mainly toilet paper tubes and sock monsters.

Otterhound Puppies 4 Weeks Old!

D Litter Week 4

Pup 1

Hunter’s Dallas Diva

Pup 1 Week 4

Dallas even though a Diva didn’t hesitate to dive into the food pan. She likes being held but not for long. She was 3.7 pounds.

Pup 2

Hunter’s Darco Winn

Pup 2 Week 4

Darco is the biggest and strongest. He likes to be a tough guy but no one backs down from him. He likes being held if the others are quiet. He was 4.7 pounds.

Pup 3

Dora the Traveler.

Pup 3 Week 4

Dora is still very lively and eager to explore. She likes being held but only after she has checked everything out. She was 4.1 pounds.

Pup 4

Hunter’s Diana Evanna

Pup 4 Week 4
Diana has the longest coat and it is truly a mixture. While mainly white with liver and tan there is gray on her legs. She is very feisty. She was 3.6 pounds.

Pup 5

Hunter’s Douglas Beorn

Pup 5 Week 4
Douglas has started to assert himself but still likes to cuddle. He likes to play with the toilet paper tubes and sock monsters. He was 4.6 pounds.

Pup 6

Hunter’s Doyle Crispin

Pup 6 Week 4
Doyle has settled down some and even likes to be held. Even though he is still the smallest he doesn’t back down from the others. He was 3.1 pounds.

Pup 7

Hunter’s Dawn Star

Pup 7 Week 4
Dawn is now the largest female. She is very outgoing and puts up a fight when picked up. It is mostly show as she calms down quickly. She was 4.6 pounds.

Pup 8

Hunter’s Dillon Peyton

Pup 8 Week 4
Dillon is the second smallest but he is outgoing and holds his own in any tussle. His tail still has a marked hook in the end. He was 3.6 pounds.

Pup 9

Hunter’s Damon Aleron

Pup 9 Week 4
Damon’s nose is now more liver. He tends to get cold easily because his coat is thin. His pink skin gives his white areas a pink tint. He was 4.0 pounds.