It’s Christmas with the B Litter!

Christmas was a busy time here. Badger and Bexar came to spend time with mom and siblings and Bishop stopped by one day to see everyone. It seemed like a good time to get new pictures for the website. The puppies are now six months old. They love to run and play, and it is very hard to get them still long enough for pictures.

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Green Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Booker

B Litter Otterhound Booker Christmas 2009
Booker’s new owners love taking him for walks. He has completed his first puppy class and will start another class after the first of the year. He is over 70# and has a great temperament

Pink Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Blessing

Blessing Christmas 2009

Blessing is over 50# now. She has developed far beyond what we were told to expect. She loves going down to the pond and running with the others. She still has problems getting up and eating but obviously gets enough to grow. She is alert, active and possessive of her food and sleeping spot. Though the smallest she takes no guff from anyone.

Brown Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Badger

Badger, Christmas 2009

Badger was back with us for Christmas. He is now over 70# and growing into a great looking fellow. He had a great time running and playing outside but wasn’t thrilled about sitting in front of the Christmas tree. He couldn’t wait to get back outside.

Orange Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Barclay

Barclay, Christmas 2009

Barclay is a happy fellow and now near 80#. He enjoyed sitting in front of the tree to get his picture taken but he enjoyed climbing into my lap as soon as the camera flashed even more. He liked having his brothers here especially since it distracted Bonney. He is a bit nervous around new things but is doing well in class.

Blue Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Bonney

B Litter Otterhound Bonney Christmas 2009

Bonney is developing into a lovely girl. She is over 70# now and very outgoing. She is braver than Barclay and takes things more in stride. She gets into more trouble than Barclay but always seems sorry for doing something wrong. She is very laid back in class but eager to meet new people or dogs.

Black Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Bishop

Bishop, Christmas 2009

Bishop came by for a visit on the 23. He is still smaller than all his brothers but should be a good size when grown. He is developing into a copy of his mother in both looks and personality. He enjoyed meeting his siblings again but his brothers were a bit much. He liked his smaller sisters.

Red Male is now Hunter’s

Lonestar Bexar (bear)

Bexar, Christmas 2009

Bexar was also back with us for Christmas. He is not quite as big as Badger and Barclay but not far behind them. He really likes playing with his sisters. He didn’t want to sit in front of the tree but settled down once he realized what was wanted.

Turquoise Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Briscoe

B Litter Otterhound Puppy, Briscoe in the leaves Christmas 2009

Briscoe is happy in his new home. He has been busy traveling during the holidays but spends time lounging on the couch with his new owner. He looks a lot like his mother but is getting to be a big boy. He takes a bath with out much protest but not much pleasure either.

Hot Pink Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Blossom

B Litter Otterhound Blossom Christmas 2009

Blossom continues to develop slower than the others and is thinner in build though nearly as tall. She still has coordination problems but that doesn’t stop her from running and playing with the other dogs. She loves going to the pond and races around with the big dogs. She can be very affectionate one minute and independent the next.


Bonney on Hard Water

Bonney on Ice Jan 2010
Bonney curious about the solid nature of the water in the tank in the yard climbed in. After two days of below freezing temperatures it was frozen solid and she walked around checking it out.

Caught on Camera

B Litter Shredded Bed

Sitting among the remains of a doggie bed there can be no doubt as to who’s the guilty party. However the name is being withheld to protect the guilty. After all every one of them has been caught happily shredding the bedding, just not on camera.