B Litter is now 8 weeks old

The puppies are now eight weeks old. They have had their first shots and will get the second set on August 26. They get up at six o’ clock and want out and stay out in the puppy pen (30′ by 40′) all day. They no longer potty in their whelping box but do wet it if they don’t get out soon enough in the morning. They eat three large meals a day and Milkbone cookies between meals. We have been turning them loose in the main yard in the evenings and they are all over the place. Their coats are turning grizzle (white hairs in the black or brown) on their backs. They are beginning to respond to their names.

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Green Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Booker

Booker Face Aug 20, 2009

Booker has changed since the last update. He is now feisty and independent. He likes to do things his way. He is a little longer than tall but his legs are starting to lengthen. He continues to be darker than most of the others. He now weighs 17.4#.

Pink Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Blessing

Blessing August 18, 2009

Blessing is improving though still way behind the others. She is eating solid food now and no longer taking a bottle. She likes going out side but tires easily. She is still much smaller than the others. She only weighs 10.7#. She is a sweet little girl and will stay with us.

Brown Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Badger

Badger Face Aug 2009

Badger is a lanky boy with a gangly gait. He is growing fast and should soon start to fill out. He is a lot like his father. He continues to be outgoing and lively but likes attention. He is still one of the biggest if not the heaviest. He now weighs 17.8#

Orange Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Barclay

Barclay Face Aug 19, 2009

Barclay is something of a loner. He likes to sleep under the dog house and is generally the last to come out. Whether that is because he is larger or just in the middle with puppies between him and getting out is hard to say. He is very friendly and generally calmer than the others. He now weighs 18.3#.

Blue Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Bonney

Bonney Face Aug 20, 2009

Bonney still holds her own against all her brothers. She likes getting out and running around the main yard. She is heavier built than most of the boys and has more grizzle on her back. She likes attention and can be very sweet one minute and tough the next. She now weighs 16.2#.

Black Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Bishop

Bishop Face Aug 19 2009

Bishop likes attention. He likes exploring and especially liked playing in the water under the swamp cooler. He had no trouble figuring out how to go through the six inch square openings in the wire. He has a more square build than some of the others but they are changing every day. He now weighs 15.7#.

Red Male is now Hunter’s

Lonestar Bexar (bear)

Barclay Face Aug 16, 2009

Bexar is a lively fellow into everything. He loves attention and can be very affectionate for a few minutes. After that he has to go. He discovered the cat out the back gate and bravely faced it down (for a couple of minutes). He is a happy fellow. He now weights 16.1#.

Turquoise Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Briscoe

Otterhound Puppy Briscoe Face 8-19

Briscoe is outgoing and will wander to the farthest part of the main yard. He is curious and into everything. However he loves attention and will really play up to you. He also loves to eat and will let you know when it’s time for food. He now weighs 15.3#.

Hot Pink Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Blossom

Blossom Rope Aug 21, 2009

Blossom has developed a lot since the last update. She now eats solid food and no longer takes a bottle. When you put the dish down she rushes to it. She is moving around a lot better but still falls. That doesn’t stop her from wandering all over the yard. She is still smaller than the others and will probably need special attention all her life. She only weighs 12.4#.


Race down the porch

Otterhound Puppies Race Aug 2009
Here Bonney (in front), Barclay (in the middle) and Briscoe (last) race from one end of the porch to the other.

Bexar and the Cat

Bexar watching a cat Aug 19, 2009
Bexar discovered the cat out the back gate and kept a close eye on him for a couple of minutes. The cat is as big a Bexar and even though there is extra wire to keep them apart Bexar decided to go for reinforcements.

Dinner in the main yard

B Litter Otterhound Puppies Dinner Aug 19

The puppies got fed in the main yard for a change but it didn’t slow them down any. You can see the grizzling on their backs. It is most pronounced on Bonney (lower left), Badger (center) and Barclay (right of Badger).

Out or In

B Litter Otterhound Puppies want out

Whether in the pen or out when food is involved they want on which ever side the food is on. Here Booker, Badger and Bexar hang over the barrier to the puppy pen wanting in where the food is.