B Litter is now 5 weeks old
The puppies are now five weeks old. They are spending time out side, eating three meals a day and playing until they drop. They like going out and the first thing they do is potty. They also now have names.
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Green Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Booker

Booker Face July 27, 2009

Booker is quiet and fairly calm. He likes to play and likes to be on top of the pile.

Pink Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Blessing

Blessing July 28, 2009

Blessing is still progressing very slowly. She reluctantly laps solid food and guzzles her bottle.

Brown Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Badger

Badger Face July 2009

Badger is independent, outgoing and lively. He often stands at the door leaning over the top rail. He likes going out and will cry to go out to potty. He is one of the largest.

Orange Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Barclay

B Litter Otterhound Puppy, Barclay Face July 2009

Barclay is very friendly. He likes to be held. He is lively but gentle with the little girls.

Blue Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Bonney

Bonney Face July 27, 2009

Bonney is lively, friendly and very feisty. She is not going to take any thing from her brothers. She will give kisses one minute and growl the next. We are keeping Bonney.

Black Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Bishop

B Litter Otterhound Puppy, Bishop Face July 28 2009, 5 weeks

Bishop is a bit of loner but will get right in the middle of a tussle. He is the smallest of the males but has good size and shape.

Red Male is now Hunter’s

Lonestar Bexar (bear)

Barclay Face July 27 2009

Red is well named as he is a little bear. He grumbles about being picked up and really complains about a bath. Once he makes his feelings known he will start with the kisses.

Turquoise Male is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Briscoe

Otterhound Puppy Briscoe Face 7  27

Briscoe wants attention. He will holler until someone comes to check on him. He likes to be held, likes to play and is a bit of a character.

Hot Pink Female is now

Hunter’s Lonestar Blossom

 Blossom Face July 28, 2009

Blossom is still progressing slowly. She does get up and wobble around and likes to go outside to potty. She has started eating from a dish but still wants her bottle.


Dining Out

B Litter Otterhound Puppies Dining Out 7 23
Here are the seven big puppies out side in their pen having lunch. They quickly empty the food dish.

Bula Play

B Litter Otterhound Puppy Bula Fun 7 24, 5 weeks
When the pups got to playing we gave them a couple of bulas. Here is Barclay (Orange) playing with a bula while watching for someone to come take it.