Brochure and Otterhound Pictures

We hand out these brochures full of Otterhound pictures at dog shows.  However, we have this online version is full of Otterhound Pictures for you as well!  So read on and you can learn more about the Otterhound Breed and see what they look like.  Most of these pictures are of our dogs, but this should show you a wide variety of Otterhounds.

Think you want an


Quick at a Dog Show Sept 2006
otterhounds at Fort Worth Dog Show
Cheyenne Clara and Blossom in The Ice

Consider the following:

Otterhounds make great pets, if

  • You have a sense of humor (and a fair amount of patience).
  • You aren’t obsessed with keeping your house/clothes spotless.
  • You don’t expect instant obedience.
  • You have a securely fenced yard.
  • You love that hound voice (and so do your neighbors).
  • You are looking for a pet and watchdog – but not a guard dog.

Barclay sitting April 2010

They also come in a variety of colors. Otterhound Pictures of B litter Puppies want out

See How the Grow 2 months, Abilene, Abbott, Angus

Abilene exercising 2014 They love playing in the water.

Otterhound Pictures of Quick playing Gator June 2010

  • They are easy going.
  • They like exercising outdoors.
  • They like swimming.
  • They are devoted companions.
  • They make good watch dogs.
  • They get along with other animals.
  • They are lovable.
  • They need brushing but not a lot of grooming.
  • They have a beautiful baying voice.

Some Otterhound Pictures

Pris Abilene Bonney all muddy Sept 2010

They are not always neat.
Otterhound Pictures of Otterhound Puppies Race Aug 2009

They are always eager to see you.

Quick Singing Apr 2008

They like to sing.

Abilene Pen

Though there are disadvantages to owning an Otterhound you need only look into those soulful eyes set deep in that silly face to see the advantages – love, devotion and interesting times

Barclay Face May 2010

Bonney Face May 2010

More Otterhound Pictures

8 Cheyenne at Gate

Pris Face May 2006

Quick Coffeetable 2005

Otterhounds are first, last, and always hounds.