Visiting Otterhound Photos

Below you can see Otterhound photos of the various otterhound dogs who have stayed at our house.  Some of these were ones we raised who came back for visits.  Some stayed here while their owners were traveling. Some otterhound photos are those who stayed with us between owners.


Ch. Lonestar Abbott

male Otterhound

Whelped: 03-Jul-2006

Abbott Pedigree

Abbott Otterhound photos
Abby Otterhound photo


Bearden’s Abby Maccoll

female Otterhound

Whelped: 27-May-2000

Died: 2011

Abby Pedigree

Des or Desmond

Aberdeen’s Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

male Otterhound

Whelped: 10-Jan-2005

Died: 2011

Desmond Pedigree

Des Otterhound photos
Houston otterhound picture


Am. UK Ch. Teckelgarth Inquisitor Via Kingstree

male Otterhound

Whelped: 27-May-2002

Hoston Pedigree


Balthazar Topboy

male Otterhound

Whelped: 07-Jun-1997

Died: Feb.2010

Ollie Pedigree

Ollie Otterhound photos
Star otterhound picture


Ch. Aberdeen’s Star Of Texas

female Otterhound

Whelped: 22-Sep-06

Star Pedigree


Ch. Vision Vangard

male Otterhound

Whelped: 23-May-1997

Died: Sep-2007

Viking Pedigree

Viking otterhound picture