Earlier Otterhounds

 Earlier Otterhounds

Rylie   ’93-04 missed his sister Ruthie
Ruthie   ’92-04
Dawn   ’81-92
Ginger   ’81-91
Boots   ’81-90 cancer
Susie   ’81-90 cancer
Noisy   ’81-89 thyroid problems
Pixie   ’81-88 health problems
Lady   ’79-88 urinary infection
Angel   ’79-89
Frisbee   ’77-91
Mop  ’70-78 car accident


Current Pack



female Redbone coonhound mix
Rescued from animal shelter when she was about one year of age in 2005. Baby died Sept. 2011
Dixie Found us when she was about two years old – had suffered injury to hips and lost her tail when younger.

female Treeing Walker coonhound

male Heinz 57 (lab/terrier)
Found soaking wet on the edge of a flooded river at about four months of age. Elee died Oct. 2013
Happy Found being chased off a neighbors property when he was about seven months old – had been abused by former owners. Happy died Sept. 2013

male German shorthair pointer

Recent Other Members of the Pack



male German Shepherd mix
Found running loose in 1997 at about 18 months of age. Passed quietly in his sleep in 2007 at almost 12.
Rosie Rescued on her way to vet to be put down in 2004 at the age of six. Had been a puppy mill. Passed in 2007 due to cancer.

female Boxer

male Golden Retriever mix
Found in a ditch in 1992 at about ten weeks of age. Passed on in 2005 at almost 13 years due to a stroke.