On August 15 the Hunter Otterhound girls from the I litter was eight weeks old. They have gotten big enough to go into the puppy pen. It is a fenced section of the yard which is about 30 by 40 feet. They really enjoy having so much room to run. The puppies race around checking everything out and enjoy talking to the older dogs through the fence.

Some times the girls get up around 2 AM needing to go out but most times they get up between 4:30 and 5 AM to go outside. They want to stay out because it is cool and they are eager for breakfast.

The Otterhound girls stay in their pen out front until 7am when it is light enough to check out the pen out back. Then we move them to the puppy pen out back where they play until around 8:30 when it starts getting hot. At that time we bring them in to rest.

They wake up some time in the afternoon and go out front to potty and have lunch. Depending on the temperature they may not stay out long. Around 6 pm as the temperature starts to drop they go out again. They stay out front until the big dogs finish supper then they go into the puppy pen out back.

There they have their third and final meal of the day and play until near dark. When it starts to get dark we move them back to the pen out front where there is light. They stay there until around 9 pm when we put them to bed for the night (hopefully).

Hunter’s Ida Midnight Roamer

Hunter’s Ida Midnight Roamer weighed 14.7 pounds on August 15. She is very good about going out to potty and quickly takes care of business. They got two new toys this week and she really likes playing with them.

Ida loves to dig around in their water dish but doesn’t get into their wading tub. She responds better when called if not too engrossed in something.

8 week Otterhound Ida side

Hunter’s Iris Spring Harvest

Hunter’s Iris Spring Harvest weighed 12.4 pounds on August 15. When we put her out to potty she gets excited and forgets what she is out for. Often we have to take her right back out to do her business.

She loves playing in the wading tub. Most of the time Iris just puts her front feet in and splashes the water out. She often joins in the pack sings with her tiny howl.

8 week Otterhound Iris Side I Litter

8 week Otterhound Girls Duck fight I Litter