The girls are eight weeks old now and think they are big dogs. They have been spending a lot of time outside in the large puppy pen since the weather has been warm.

in the puppy pen big sister Dora climbed over the gate and got to know them up close and personal. They followed her around, pulled on her tail and ears and checked to see if she had milk. We had to rescue Dora from them.

They have been playing with a Hide-a-bee toy. It is a plush bee hive that holds three plush squeaky bees that can be pulled out.

In spite of being fed four times a day they want food when the big dogs eat so they are getting small Milkbones. They have started wearing their first collars.

Not all of the girls are reserved, if you are looking for an Otterhound, please submit a Questionnaire. 

E Litter Otterhound 8 Weeks Old

8 Week Old Otterhound Puppies

Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight

Hunter’s Riverrun Ebony Twilight is 14.6 pounds. Ebony likes to play with the other girls and enjoys the Hide-a-bee.

She still gets cold easier than the others and loves being held as long as the others aren’t doing something. She runs up and stands on your leg to get attention and if she doesn’t get it she will tug on your clothes.

Ebony 8 Week Old Otterhound Puppies

Ebony 8 Week Old Otterhound


Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose

Hunter’s Riverrun Electra Rose is 14.6 pounds. Electra is a study in contrasts.

One minute she is sweet and loving the next she is fighting to get down. She wants attention but on her terms. She loves to run and wrestle with her sisters. She likes playing with the Hide-a-bee bees. She is almost always full of energy and goes until she drops.

Electra 8 Week Old Otterhound

Electra 8 Week Old Otterhound



Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade

Hunter’s Riverrun Emilee Jade is 13.3 pounds. Emilee always looks so serious but she loves to play.

She will get right in there when the others are wrestling. She was the first to discover that the bees squeaked when squeezed. She likes to be held but is not as openly affectionate as Elsa. Emilee will go off by herself to follow scents.

Emilee 8 Week Old Otterhound

Emilee 8 Week Old Otterhound



Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow

Hunter’s Riverrun Elsa Snow is 15 pounds. Elsa loves the freedom of the large puppy pen.

She likes to chase her sisters through the dog house. She doesn’t hesitate when they get to wrestling but when she wants to cuddle she is very loving. She enjoys playing with the Hide-a-bee but prefers attention. Elsa has been spoken for and will be going to her new home in mid January.

Elsa 8 Week Old Otterhound

Elsa 8 Week Old Otterhound