Week four found the Otterhound girls playing more. The puppies discovered their little stuffed squirrels and started mouthing them. They aren’t up making the squirrels squeak and aren’t sure when I make them squeak. They do carry them around the whelping box.

The girls love to wrestle and often it sounds pretty serious. Some times it looks like a true wrestling match with paws on each others shoulders but there is a lot more mouth action. During one match it was intense enough that one of the girls actually barked.

They are eating three times a day. While they prefer the milk replacer they are gradually beginning to eat the mushed up puppy chow. When the towel I use as a place mat is put down they know it is feeding time and come over.

The Otterhound girls are more aware of things going on around them. Their heads pop up at any sound in the room with the whelping box and they look around for where the sound came from. Sudden moves give them a start but they quickly recover.

Hunter’s Ida Midnight Roamer

Hunter’s Ida Midnight Roamer weighed 6.5 pounds on July 18. She tends to be more independent and serious. She sleeps less than Iris. She likes to clean Iris up after feedings, probably checking for more milk replacer. She is getting better about being held and some times latches on to your wrist when being held. She occasionally gives kisses.

4 Week Ida Otterhound Girl


Hunter’s Iris Spring Harvest

Hunter’s Iris Spring Harvest weighed 5.4 pounds on July 18. She still tends to start the wrestling matches but is the first to walk away. One day I heard her really crying and couldn’t find her in the whelping box. In spite of the extra board across the door she had climbed out. She had gotten behind Emilee and was stuck under the chest of drawers. Once consoled she settled right down to nap.

4 Week Iris Otterhound Girl

otterhound girls playing