The puppies were nine weeks old on February 15 and went in for their second round of shots. They also had blood drawn for the health study and were micro chipped.

Since the weather has been nice they have been spending most of their time outside and loving it. They get to play with momma until she gets tired of them and they play with the Hide -A -Bee. They are really developing well and have begun to show their different personalities.

D Litter are now 12 Week Old Otterhounds

Pup 1 Available

Hunter’s Dallas Diva

D Litter Pup 1 Dallas at 12 Weeks

Dallas tends to sit back and watch things but doesn’t hesitate when she decides to get involved. She splashed around in the pond but kept to the shallow areas. Her bite has improved and is much closer to the approved scissors bite.

She weighed 22.4 pounds the last time she was weighed.

Pup 2

Hunter’s Darco Winn

D Litter Pup 2 Darco at 12 Weeks

Darco loves playing with his siblings except at meal times. He likes his own bowl and make sure everyone stays out. He enjoyed going to the pond and managed to get soaked although he didn’t get out too deep.

He weighed 21.8 pounds when last weighed.

Pup 3 Available

Dora the Traveler.

D Litter Pup 3 Dora at 12 Weeks
Dora is still the one to explore everywhere. She is something of a food hog and won’t let anyone near her bowl even when she claims two of them. She liked going to the pond but didn’t do much more than wade.

She weighed 22.8 pounds when last weighed.

Pup 4 Available

Hunter’s Diana Evanna

D Litter Pup 4 Diana at 12 Weeks

Diana is the first to holler that she wants in at night. She wanders around a meal time and takes the last bowl filled. She enjoyed the pond and while not getting out too deep managed to get thoroughly soaked.

She weighed 19.5 pounds when last weighed.

Pup 5

Hunter’s Douglas Beorn

D Litter Pup 5 Douglas at 12 Weeks

Douglas loves playing with his sister Dawn but doesn’t have a problem being alone. He enjoyed the pond but didn’t get very wet.

He will be going to his new home on the 13th. He weighed 24 pounds when last weighed.

Pup 6

Hunter’s Doyle Crispin

D Litter Pup 6 Doyle at 12 Weeks

Doyle is still the smallest but he doesn’t act it. He readily explores the yard checking out everything and drinking out of the big dogs water. He had a great time down at the pond and followed Daisy in over his head.

He is going to his new home on the 9th. He weighed 18.2 pounds when last weighed.

Pup 7 Available

Hunter’s Dawn Star

D Litter Pup 7 Dawn at 12 Weeks

Dawn in the past week has discovered the barn cat and the neighbors horses. She raised her hackles and barked at them putting on a ferocious front. While she waded around in the shallow she didn’t get as wet as most of the others.

She weighed 22.7 pounds when last weighed.

Pup 8

Hunter’s Dillon Peyton

D Litter Pup 8 Dillion at 12 Weeks

Dillon took to tracking and loved following the trail from one treat to the next. He likes playing with Diana but doesn’t mind being separated from the others especially if he is getting attention. He didn’t hesitate in following Blossom into the pond and quickly got in over his head.

He is going to his new home on the 13th. He weighed 21.4 pounds.

Pup 9

Hunter’s Damon Aleron

D Litter Pup 9 Damon at 12 Weeks

Damon believes in doing his own thing and is often off by himself. He likes being out in the main yard and enjoyed the run down to the pond but only waded in the shallows.

He is going to his new home on the 9th. He weighed 22.7 the last time weighed.