Happy Holidays Emilee

Happy Holidays from The Hounds

What’s new November 26, 2018

As they say, the laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

We decided that since the stud picked out for Dawn was available we would go ahead and breed her in September. We waited to say anything until her ultrasound at 35 days. When the vet didn’t find any puppies another ultrasound was done a week later. Sad to say it just wasn’t meant to be this time around.

We are planning to breed one of the other girls when they come in heat again. Currently, we don’t know when they will come in heat nor which we will breed. Diana and Dallas should come in heat in January or February. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that things work out better the next time.

In the meantime, the first week of November was very harrowing. Due to all the rain in October and because of the deer hunting season the deer have been running in the lower pasture. Clara, Dawn, Dora, and Dallas managed to dig under the fence Monday morning the fifth and took off after the deer.

Clara came back late that afternoon covered in cockleburs. There were too many to comb out so she got a cocklebur haircut. Dawn was found by neighbors about two and a half miles away on Tuesday.

The rest of the week dragged by with no word about the other two.

Sunday we received a call that a couple had found Dora about 13 miles from home. Finally late Monday the 12th Dallas showed up on the front porch.

It was a long and worrisome week but they are home safe and sound. Our thanks go out to everyone who helped to make that possible.

Clara cocklebur haircut 2

Clara’s Cockle-bur haircut